Thursday, April 30, 2009

Northwest Christian Writer's Renewal Conference

Tomorrow (May 1, 2009) is the first day of our Northwest Christian Writer's Association Renewal Conference. I'm excited to attend and learn from some great writers, editors and agents. I'm fine tuning my book proposal and one-sheet. I hope to make a good first impression and come home at the end of the weekend encouraged.

Attending a writer's conference is a wonderful way to stay active in this passion of writing. I meet so many other incredibly talented writer's who share secrets and encourage one another. This particular conference is really a good bang for your buck. We kept the costs the same as last year so it's a great bargain.

I'll post my thoughts on the experience next week. Is it really May already? I'll have to get a crown of flowers to wear to the conference in celebration of May day. Not really. But perhaps bringing some flowers is not such a bad idea. Sunshine and flowers make my day.

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Violet said...

Excited about the inspiration you most certainly found at the conference, and I'm sure gave to others! Bless you dear Gigi!