Sunday, June 28, 2009

God's Help in Transition--Learn to Trust

Steve, Gigi, Gabe, Zane and Kelsey Murfitt

Here is a photo we took a few days after Zane and Kelsey returned from their honeymoon to Maui. We're now a family of five! Welcome to the family Kelsey Murfitt!

I love God's sense of humor. Just as I'm writing a Bible study about transition, I find myself in a major life transition. In the same month I've married off my oldest son, my youngest is moving to his own apartment. Talk about transition! But the cool thing is I've found others - Bible characters - who also went through major transitions and I'm learning from each one of them.

In preparing my book proposal for this study, I've been reviewing the lives of several Bible characters. Like Abraham, Moses, Joshua, David, Ruth, Mary and Paul. I've found some common characteristics of these biblical characters that have helped me through my own transitions.

One common characteristic is trust. These individuals trusted in the God they faithfully served. They spent time with Him and they listened as He gave them direction. Then they obeyed what they were asked to do! What a concept. So simple yet we make it difficult. Usually because we try to go our own way.

So I'm learning to trust God even more today as I work through the transitions of my life. It helps to spend quality time studying God's Word where I receive direction from the Lord. It warms my heart as I learn that I'm not alone in transition. I know I can stand on the promise that He never leaves me or forsakes me. I also know He has a plan and it is good. I just need to sit close to Him and listen for directions.

My favorite part of this transition is that I now have a daughter. I was not blessed with a natural born daughter so God gave me an amazing daughter-in-law in Kelsey Murfitt. She loves Jesus. She loves my son Zane. She studies God's Word. She trusts. Life will be fun as we move forward to the place God directs us. I know I'll learn a lot from Kelsey too.

Zane and Kelsey have transitions of their own. Graduation, weddings, moving, starting new jobs. Wow. Transition with a capital "T".

I am thankful. I know these transition will be an amazing ride. (And they'll make some good material to put in my Bible study too!) :)

Friday, June 26, 2009

Transition Sure Ain't Easy - His Room is Empty

My English teacher Mom is probably in heaven shaking her finger at me for using the word "ain't" but it's true. Transition AIN'T fun. Yesterday our son Zane packed up all of his earthly belongings and loaded them into a U-Haul. He's moving with his new bride to Eastern Washington. I'm excited for them to start their new life together. At the same time, it's difficult to let go of my first born son.

I sat at my computer last night writing a devotional assignment for the Christian Writer's Guild. I thought the subject of trusting God in this life transition would be the perfect thing to write. But after I said good bye to Zane I couldn't see the screen through my tears. I sobbed and sobbed with my son Gabe sitting by watching with those beautiful eyes filling with his own tears. Even our big yellow labrador Donovan knew I needed a hug. He came over and licked the tears off my hand. Steve was up in our room having a good cry of his own. Our son is officially moved out. Why Lord, does it have to be so hard? I'm thankful that You will never leave me or forsake me. That comforts my heart.

My writing area is covered with photos. I have one collage of our boys from the time Gabe was a tiny baby until just last year at his graduation from high school. I looked at those photos and asked myself, where has the time gone? He was a little boy just yesterday wasn't he? Now Zane is married and has left our home.

Oh Lord, comfort me as I move to this new phase of my life. Next week I have to prepare my heart again for another transition because Gabe is moving to his own apartment. We will truly be empty nesters. Thankfully he is only across the lake at the University of Washington so I can grab a hug often. I'm sure I'll get a phone call once in awhile telling me he needs me for something and I like that idea.

I wondered how my mom did this so many different times? She had to let go of each of her ten children as they left the nest. I can't even imagine her broken heart. I can barely breath today because I'm grieving the changes in the feel of our home with my first born moving on to his new life with Kelsey. My mom had to repeat this process ten times. She didn't have my dad to hold her close and tell her it's going to be okay. She was widowed when we were all young. She handled it alone.

I'm thankful that Steve and I can stand arm in arm and get through these transitional times. We are seeking God's Word and praying together as we move to this new phase of life. I know it will be fun. We look forward to more time for just the two of us. Together we'll make it through the transition.

Don't get me wrong, I'm delighted to have Kelsey Lynn Ryan as our daughter-in-law. I could not have asked for a better young woman for Zane to spend the rest of his life with. But at one point I was the most important woman in his life. Now it's Kelsey. And as a mom, that transition is almost as difficult as the transition during the birthing process. But I know from experience that the pain of transition is worth it because afterward we get a beautiful new life added to our family.

So my advice to you today is to hug any woman in your life who has just married off their oldest son. I can assure you, they need the hug because transition sure ain't easy.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

He's Married!

Our son Zane is married! We are delighted.

There's another Mrs. Murfitt in the house. I have a new daughter-in-law. It's official. Kelsey Lynn Ryan became a Murfitt last evening in the most beautiful wedding I've ever seen. I know I sound biased because I'm the mother of the groom. But I kid you not. This wedding was phenominal. The weather was picture perfect with tiny clouds floating on a blue sky. The air was warm. The grass was a beautiful rich green. The setting magnificent. Like a fairy tale wedding. Kelsey looked like a real princess bride. She was stunning in a perfectly fitted beaded gown. Her raspberry colored bouquet was a bright contrast to the pure white color of her dress. Her hair and makeup were perfect. Zane looked so handsome in his dark tan suit with a white shirt and green tie. The cala lily boutinere was gorgeous. The smiles on their face were the best part. The anticipation and excitement filled the air. Pastor Chris Peppler did a superb job of sharing the story of Kelsey and Zane before they exchanged vows and rings. They shared communion together and then we commissioned them as Mr. and Mrs. Zane Murfitt. I share a few photos with you today. More will follow. This could not have been a more perfect weekend. Thank you Jesus for answering our prayers. I have so much more to write but I need to go rest my tired feet. I danced so much they hurt!