Saturday, June 13, 2009

He's Married!

Our son Zane is married! We are delighted.

There's another Mrs. Murfitt in the house. I have a new daughter-in-law. It's official. Kelsey Lynn Ryan became a Murfitt last evening in the most beautiful wedding I've ever seen. I know I sound biased because I'm the mother of the groom. But I kid you not. This wedding was phenominal. The weather was picture perfect with tiny clouds floating on a blue sky. The air was warm. The grass was a beautiful rich green. The setting magnificent. Like a fairy tale wedding. Kelsey looked like a real princess bride. She was stunning in a perfectly fitted beaded gown. Her raspberry colored bouquet was a bright contrast to the pure white color of her dress. Her hair and makeup were perfect. Zane looked so handsome in his dark tan suit with a white shirt and green tie. The cala lily boutinere was gorgeous. The smiles on their face were the best part. The anticipation and excitement filled the air. Pastor Chris Peppler did a superb job of sharing the story of Kelsey and Zane before they exchanged vows and rings. They shared communion together and then we commissioned them as Mr. and Mrs. Zane Murfitt. I share a few photos with you today. More will follow. This could not have been a more perfect weekend. Thank you Jesus for answering our prayers. I have so much more to write but I need to go rest my tired feet. I danced so much they hurt!

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Violet said...

Hi Gigi,
Congratulations on your son graduating from college and then --getting married the next day! And how cool on acquiring "a daughter-in-love"!!! ~ Violet