Sunday, June 28, 2009

God's Help in Transition--Learn to Trust

Steve, Gigi, Gabe, Zane and Kelsey Murfitt

Here is a photo we took a few days after Zane and Kelsey returned from their honeymoon to Maui. We're now a family of five! Welcome to the family Kelsey Murfitt!

I love God's sense of humor. Just as I'm writing a Bible study about transition, I find myself in a major life transition. In the same month I've married off my oldest son, my youngest is moving to his own apartment. Talk about transition! But the cool thing is I've found others - Bible characters - who also went through major transitions and I'm learning from each one of them.

In preparing my book proposal for this study, I've been reviewing the lives of several Bible characters. Like Abraham, Moses, Joshua, David, Ruth, Mary and Paul. I've found some common characteristics of these biblical characters that have helped me through my own transitions.

One common characteristic is trust. These individuals trusted in the God they faithfully served. They spent time with Him and they listened as He gave them direction. Then they obeyed what they were asked to do! What a concept. So simple yet we make it difficult. Usually because we try to go our own way.

So I'm learning to trust God even more today as I work through the transitions of my life. It helps to spend quality time studying God's Word where I receive direction from the Lord. It warms my heart as I learn that I'm not alone in transition. I know I can stand on the promise that He never leaves me or forsakes me. I also know He has a plan and it is good. I just need to sit close to Him and listen for directions.

My favorite part of this transition is that I now have a daughter. I was not blessed with a natural born daughter so God gave me an amazing daughter-in-law in Kelsey Murfitt. She loves Jesus. She loves my son Zane. She studies God's Word. She trusts. Life will be fun as we move forward to the place God directs us. I know I'll learn a lot from Kelsey too.

Zane and Kelsey have transitions of their own. Graduation, weddings, moving, starting new jobs. Wow. Transition with a capital "T".

I am thankful. I know these transition will be an amazing ride. (And they'll make some good material to put in my Bible study too!) :)

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