Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hope in Hard Times!

I don't know about you, but I need hope in these hard times. All of us are going through our own definition of hard times. In my current season of transition it's been hard. But I'm not going to lose hope!

I'm finalizing a book proposal entitled Hope in Hard Times. I am excited to share my stories with you as I help you build the foundation of hope in your life.

Today I had to follow my own advice. I needed some hope. So I remembered that the foundation of hope in my life is strong. God has been faithful. He has put his fingerprints on every story in my life and brought me hope.

He's even brought me hope when I've been in despair. In the times when I've really messed up and acted against His will for my life, He still gives me hope for tomorrow. God is a hope-giver. I needed to remember that today. I pray you'll hang on to God's hope too.

Some days I wonder if I am I really called to write life changing books. Yes! I'm sure. For so many years I've sensed that call from the Lord. But doubt crept into my heart today as I edited the chapters of this book. Am I good enough? Will anyone want to read my book? Will I change lives? Yes! and Amen! Because God will be at my side.

I have hope in my heart that God will really make a way for the things I desire to happen in my life. He has been faithful in my past. He will be faithful in my future.

So tonight I'm hanging on to the hope in hard times. I'm excited to get this proposal sent off to an agent who requested it. Please pray with me that we'll be able to find a publisher to help me change the lives of my readers.

God Bless Your Heart. Stay cool in our 100 degree Seattle weather! HOT! I'd better go get my writing done!

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