Monday, April 11, 2011

In the Aftermath of Tragedy, Compassion Brings HOPE

As I contemplate my AFTERMATH theme, I have been reflecting on the people of Japan.

Today marks one month of living in the horror of the AFTERMATH of the earthquake and tsunami that devastated their country.

My heart aches for these precious and suffering people.

Lost lives. Lost homes. Lost jobs. Lost hope.

We live oceans apart yet the media brings the Japanese people right into our living rooms.

We see the weeping mother as she buries her infant son.

The weary father searches the morgue for his precious daughter.

Displaced families gather together in shelters trying to piece their lives together.

How do we wrestle with the reality of what they face?

Is it just another news story?

Is there any compassion in your heart today?

I believe God is calling us to check our compassion meters.

In the busyness of our day-to-day lives we sometimes glance at the news and rush off to work or school.

Do you weep with those who weep?

I pray that in the AFTERMATH of Tragedy, God gives you a compassionate heart.

Because over and again in God's Word we read about his compassion for the lost and broken world. As we model His way, we can reach out and help.

I imagine God weeps right along with that mom and that father who lost their precious children.

After all, God lost His own precious Son so that you and I can live with eternal HOPE.

I pray every day for the people in Japan to know that HOPE in the AFTERMATH.

This is how I'm praying for you today.

That God will give you HOPE and then I ask Him to assign you someone to reach out and touch so you can pass that HOPE on to someone in need.

Maybe it's a neighbor. A friend who recently lost their job. A co-worker going through a family crisis.

Give them a hug. Write them a note. Make that phone call.

Be a HOPE giver.

Take a moment today because you never know when your simple kind word will help them to face another day with HOPE in their heart.

God Bless your heart with renewed compassion.


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