Sunday, April 3, 2011

In the Aftermath of Speed, lies a TICKET!

Yikes. It's confession time.

After going practically blind watching my windshield wipers cross the window for the one millionth time, we finally hit some sunshine just outside of Moses Lake, WA on our return trip from Montana.

Gabe had just hit the SNOOZE button.

I was stuck in a pack of cars so I kicked it up to get ahead of the pack. (BTW - Don't hang out in the left lane unless you are passing another car -- JUST SAYIN')

I hit the VOLUME button on my stereo listening to a new worship CD from Gateway Church. Love this album!

I'm jammin' and enjoying a few miles of sunshine.

I was praising God with all my heart.

And then....I saw HIM!

No, not God. I sure wished it was God.

It was the officer standing on the side of the road pointing at me.

I'm like "Are you looking at ME?"

Yup. Pull over lady.

I glanced at my speedometer and gasped. BUSTED!

So much for praise. Now I need a raise!

I seem to learn a new lesson each day.

In the aftermath of disobedience, there are consequences...even if we do it with our hands raised singing at the top of our lungs....

My first speeding ticket! Geesh.

Guess what. After my heart started beating a normal rhythm again, I turned the music back on and praised God anyway...and asked him to help me keep an eye on the needle for the remainder of the trip.

And He answered my prayer.

God Bless Your Heart with PRAISE.


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