Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day 173 Your Red Sea

The wicked flee when no man pursueth: but the righteous are bold as a lion. Proverbs 28:1

I've got a secret. Life is not for wimps.

As we celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary today Steve and I recounted the major events of each year of our marriage. It has been an amazing ride. It has at times been a roller coaster and other times it has been smooth sailing.

I know I can trust that God will get us through the next 25 years too. God is faithful.

This morning I prayed with my friend and counselor, Karen. She has been such a great encourager and has pushed me hard to be bold as a lion as I move into the next season of my life. I thank God every day for her ministry to me and my family. I dare even think where I'd be without her prayer and counsel.

Karen and Murray are standing at the border of the sea - well actually the USA-Canada border. Their papers have been sitting on someone's desk for three years. They have been here working and raising their family for ten years. But a work lay off is sending them back to their homeland of Canada. No papers. No job. No USA for them.

None of us want them to go. We love them so much. God is using them mightily.

So we pray.

The message we got from the Lord as we prayed for this situation was to remember the Red Sea. When the situation looked horrible and the Egyptians were closing in on the fleeing Israelites it seemed hopeless. But they did as they were instructed and headed toward the Red Sea.

The waters parted and they escaped on dry ground. They passed over to their Promised Land.

We are asking God to open the eyes and ears of the immigration specialist holding their file. We want them to see this particular application and approve it. The time is running out. They have to leave the country by Juen 30th when their current papers expire. Will you pray with me for Karen and Murray?

But God is faithful! Can you believe that "coincidentally" this devotional entry in my God Calling book would be about knowing God parts the waters for us. I love those God stops!

Is there a situation that feels like roaring waters standing right in front of you? Is it big enough to keep you from what God has promised? Do you need your red sea to part?

Tell me what you need us to pray about. Let's join together and watch the waters part as we pass over to our own Promised Land.

I want you to know He is faithful. Go forward fearlessly. Tell me all about it because I want to sing His praises.

God Bless your fearless heart.

The idea for this blog post came from the June 22nd devotional in God Calling by AJ Russell.

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Violet said...

An inspiring post to trust God... and I do have a prayer request. I will email you.

It was so fun to have lunch with you and the girls at the tea shop the other day! Can anyone make you laugh as hard as Jeanne?!?

Have a blessed weekend!
~ Violet