Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Day 68 Nothing is Small

They also had a few small fish: and having blessed them, He said to set them also before them. So they ate and were filled, and they took up seven large baskets of leftover fragments. Now those who had eaten were about four thousand. And He sent them away. Mark 8:7-9

God showed us by the multiplication of the loaves and fish that he can make big of something small. Nothing is too small where God is concerned.

Do you have a dream? God can make that dream big!

He cares about all of it. He cares about your hopes and your dreams. Even the tiny sparrow is an important part of God's big picture.

I've realized that over the years we don't see God as big as we should.

Several years ago when I was studying at The Seattle Ministry Institute, one of the papers I had to write was a review of a required reading book titled "Your God is Too Small." It was written by J.P. Phillips.

It is still available at Amazon.com http://www.amazon.com/Your-God-Small-J-B-Phillips/dp/0684846969 I recommend it!

I remember having one of those "ah-ha" moments as I reflected on the way I viewed God at the time.

I was raised believing in a mighty and powerful God. I learned reverence for our Maker in my Roman Catholic upbringing. God was so huge to me. I was almost scared of Him.

Yes, we should have a healthy fear of the Lord. But not a scary – I don't want to be around you kind of fear.

I sometimes viewed God as that cop in heaven just waiting to give me a ticket for my every wrong doing.

But as I have studied Scripture through the years, my understanding of Jesus as a brother and a friend shrunk my perspective of God to a proportion I could more clearly relate to and understand.

Oh He's still big. He's God after all. But he is so loving and good. He has no evil or scary thing in Him.

My Big God does not see me as some small and insignificant human either. He created me and you specifically for such a time as this and He cherishes each one of us as if we were the biggest thing He ever created.

We don't have to do BIG things all the time for God to smile at us.

We can do small things with great love as Mother Teresa was quoted.

One smile or one small word of encouragement to a friend makes a huge difference. It is all big in God's economy.

Go do something small today and give someone a big smile!

God Bless Your Heart,



The idea for this blog post was taken from the March 9 devotional in God Calling edited by AJ Russell. A highly recommended jump start to your day.

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Violet said...

Your words have been such an encouragement to me. Reading these posts this morning is like a balm go my spirit and soul ~ I'm so glad you listen, and share the love of God!!! ~ Violet