Monday, March 15, 2010

Day 73 God’s Touch

Forget not all His benefits…who satisfies my mouth with good things; so that my youth is renewed like the eagle's. Psalm 103:2,5

Writing about my life in my journal for so many years has allowed me to have a place to forget NOT all of God's benefits. They are recorded with pen and paper as a reminder of His goodness and mercy.

I'm working on my next book titled Hope in Hard Times – Stories to Help Build a Strong Foundation for Difficult Times.

I've had one of those weeks of digging deep into my well of stories and sharing the truths about God's touch on my life. In conversations with my friends and family I've shared some stories I'd not thought about in years. It has been a week of laughter and a puddle of tears.

In the laughter and the tears, I am ever grateful for the refreshing of my soul that renews my strength and helps me run this race God has set before me.

When I go back over the words in my journals and the prayers I prayed – some answered, some not – there is one thing sure. God's touch on my life is very real.

He has satisfied my life with good things. I have learned some very hard lessons along the way. But the teaching has been worth it because it is making me more like Jesus. God's guidance has been sure. He has not led me astray.

I only wish I'd listened more often and obeyed what I was hearing. I'm sure I'd have a few less scars from the ditches I fell in on my own personal life detours.

But Grace! Oh the grace of God has given me the forgiveness I do not deserve and the power to live His way each day.

God's touch is full of Grace.

Grace and peace to you today my friend.

God Bless Your Heart,


The theme of this blog was taken from the March 14 devotional in the God Calling book edited by AJ Russell.

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