Sunday, March 14, 2010

Day 72 Spiritualism

This I say then, Walk in the Spirit, and you shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh. Galatians 5:16

Okay so I'm sitting under the dryer at my hair salon after my poor stylist just added 80 foils to this thick mop on my head. I brought my journal with me because I needed something to do while I sat there for so long.

We just had a conversation about how she had a tarot card reader come to her house and read her fortunes. She was amazed at how accurate this dude was.

I told her that tarot cards give me the creeps and I warned her that we do live in a world where there are both good and bad spirits. We must be so careful about seeking advice from the wrong spirit. It can sound like the best advice but it isn't from God.

If you can seek first the Kingdom of God and ask of the Holy Spirit, why would you ask anyone else?

Conversation ends and I head under the dryer.

I open up my devotional and this is what it says on the devotion for today.

March 13: "Spiritualism is wrong. No man should ever be a medium for any spirit, other than Mine. All you should know of My Spirit Kingdom, I will tell you when and how I see best. The limit is set by your own spiritual development."

HA! Now isn't that the providence of God giving me wisdom when I wasn't sure what to say to this woman? Love it!

Walk in the Spirit of God. He'll tell you everything you need to know as you pray, read the Bible, seek Godly counsel and sit quietly asking His Holy Spirit for wisdom.

No need for tarot cards here. I've got a God connection.

So I left the salon knowing that right when I need wisdom, God shows up in the most unusual places. Like under the hair dryer with 80 foil packets on my head reading my devotional journal.

He'll speak to you anywhere you sit and listen.

Have a great day – listen for the Holy Spirit of God and I think you'll be amazed at what He tells you.

God Bless Your Heart,


The idea for this blog post was taken from page 83 of the God Calling Devotional I used every day by A.J. Russell.

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