Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day 82 Until Your Heart Sings

He rules by His power forever. Psalm 66:7
All power is God's.

Remember that fact until your heart sings with joy because the power of God is power available to you and me.

There is evil in this world. We can't deny it or turn away and ignore it. But the power of God puts away all evil that comes against us.

Let this be your battle cry. "All power is given unto My Lord. All power is given unto my Friend. All power is given unto my Savior."

From that, march on in victory.

I pray that the power of the Lord almighty rule and reign in your life. May your heart sing today with joy.

God Bless Your Heart,



The idea for this blog was taken from the devotional for March 23 in God Calling by A.J. Russell

I am sending a shout out to my nephew Casey Glenn who celebrates his birthday today. He and my niece Shannon have a new baby boy who I'm sure makes their heart sing!

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