Thursday, March 18, 2010

Day 75 Reflect Me

In returning and rest you shall be saved; in quietness and in confidence shall be your strength. Isaiah 30:15

I'm sharing some random thoughts to bring you rest and strength.

These ideas were written as I wrote in my journal based on the devotional entry in "God Calling" by A.J. Russell:
  • Draw near to God, He's right beside you.
  • Turn off all of the world's noise and listen for God's voice.
  • God gave you your first breath – cherish the air that you breath.
  • Go to the secret places of your heart – God is there.
  • God is right there at the center of your being.
  • Meditate on everything God says and absorb His conclusions
  • Opinions about God's truth have been eagerly spoken – in error.
  • Do not say what you THINK about God – He needs no explanation because He speaks to each heart.
  • Make God real and leave Him to do His work.
  • God is the only real spirit who understands your soul because He made it.
As I reflect on God, I am so amazed at the strength He gives me.

Oh Lord! Thank You for hanging out with me and not giving up when I do really dumb things!

God Bless Your Heart and Soul,


The theme of this post is taken from page 86 in the beautiful God Calling Devotional edited by A.J. Russell.

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