Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Day 103 Gentle With All

Let love be without hypocrisy Romans 12:9

Today, April 13, 2010 is my son Gabe's 20th birthday. I love being his mom and I am honored that God picked me for the job.

Gabe is an amazing young man who is constantly challenging me. He has made me a better person.

He loves without hypocrisy. He has given his heart to so many. Even in a life that is often difficult, he gives.

He is able to give because he has Jesus who sees and understands Gabe's heart. He knows the pain that life can sometimes bring when people don't know how to approach you. Jesus fully understood friends who abandoned him. Jesus gives Gabe the strength to do all things.

Gabe is not a victim. He understands that these things, the "stuff" of life, happen to every teenager. And quite frankly I think God removed some of his friends in order to protect Gabe from their lifestyle choices. But still, it's not an easy road.

I always encourage Gabe to lay his cares at the foot of the cross. In his lonely days I remind him that Jesus sticks closer than a brother.

I pray every day for Godly friends to reach out to Gabe and share life together. He is an amazing friend.

God's love is so big He has given Gabe incredible insight into the heart of others. He understands people in a way that is far beyond his years. It's almost like God has given Gabe supernatural glasses to see deep into their lives. It is a gift that will more fully develop as God reveals where to use it.

My prayer today for Gabe's birthday is that He will continue to seek God's purpose in this wisdom he's been given. There are so many hurting individuals who need the peace that passes understanding that God gives when we surrender it to Him. They need to hear about the love available to all.

I know God will release this in Gabe when he's ready. In the meantime I pray like crazy!

While Gabe is working out his own testimony, I am asking God to use his story mightily to touch the lives of millions of people.

On Wednesday Gabe is having lunch with Nick Vujicic again. (http://www.lifewithoutlimbs.org/) Nick's story is so inspiring that he receives 200 speaking requests per week. His vision is to continue to disciple the lives he speaks into so he doesn't leave them hanging after touching their hearts with his story.

I've been praying for many years that God would continue to use Gabe's story in the same way He is using Nick's.

It has been seven years since Gabe's life touched millions of people through Good Morning America and The Oprah Winfrey Show. Even after all these years we still encounter people who recognize the story and tell us how it touched their lives.

I pray that somehow Gabe and Nick will team up together and become a dynamic duo for God's kingdom. I continue to ask God to open new doors to reveal the plan to use Gabe's love for people to reach out and bless a hurting world.

Oh let this be Gabe's birthday gift today, Lord!

God Bless Your Heart,




The idea for this blog came from the April 13 devotional in the God Calling book edited by AJ Russell.

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