Monday, April 26, 2010

Day 116 I Make the Opportunities

I can of myself do nothing. John 5:30

I need to remember that I really can't do anything on my own, without God. I mess it up when I try.

Yet sometimes I get overwhelmed. I was already there today as I got out of bed. My to-do list was long and fear started creeping in.

Today's devotional reminded me to have no fear. When I begin to worry and fret I need to STOP, drop to my knees and give it all to the only one who can help bring me peace.

So this morning I rested quietly with my Bible and journal open. This always opens opportunities for God to work.

We learn in Scripture that Jesus rested. He went to a quiet place to pray. He slept on the boat because constant activity was not part of God's plan.

I need to learn from Jesus.

When I'm tired and overwhelmed it's time to ask God which project on my list gets my attention first. Then I set the other items aside and rest in knowing that He will give me the supply of strength to accomplish His plan in His timing.

So today I'm going to live with God and for God. Then I'll watch the opportunities to serve Him come to me. He will give me the strength to carry them out.

Rest in His will today.

God Bless Your Heart


The idea for this blog came from the April 26 "God Calling" devotional edited by AJ Russell.

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