Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Day 117 Seeing Christ

And he said, my presence shall go with you, and I will give you rest. Exodus 33:14

Can you feel God right beside you? He's there.

It is a good day when I pay attention to the fact that God's presence is near. He's always there for me as I walk in His will.

Oh how many times I've not noticed because I turned my back and focused on the busy day ahead.

For many years of my life I put God on the shelf. I didn't have time for Him. I didn't think I needed Him daily. He was more a vending machine God for me. I plugged in to church and good works when I needed the connection or help of some sort.

But once I began a daily quiet time studying the Bible and listening for God to speak through the Word, His presence was so apparent it often sent chills up my spine.

I saw Him in everyday things. I noticed answers to prayers. My anxiety was replaced with a calm assurance that everything would be okay.

God's presence was next to me this afternoon when my friend Karen showed up at my house to help organize Gabe's room to get it ready for him to move home. That is definitely the body of Christ in action. Thanks Mrs. Karen!

I know I will see Christ at work in my brother Bob who is having some health issues. Lord, I pray Bob sees you by his side as he walks through these medical tests and protocol to healing.

God is good. I know He will work all things for good in my life because I love Him.

God Bless Your Heart,



The theme for this blog post came from the April 27 entry in the "God Calling" book edited by A.J. Russell.

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