Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Day 96 Easter Joy

Take therefore no thought for tomorrow. Matthew 6:34

God's got tomorrow covered so I'm going to simply live in the moment.

I'm dwelling in the blessing of Easter. Although Easter Sunday has passed us by, the joy of the resurrection lives on in my heart forever.

It's an amazing time of year. The roots have gone deep over the cold winter months and now the plants, flowers and trees are breaking ground and moving heavenward. What was dead is now alive.

The tulips are out in the Mt. Vernon valley. I can't wait to find time to go see them. A marvelous carpet of color is a reminder of the goodness of God and the beauty of creation.

Today I'm resting in God's love and giving Him my cares.

I am learning not to hold on to the "stuff" of life because I need my hands free to hold God's hand of blessing.

We received a beautiful blessing at home group through the prayers of our special friend Ruth Handy.

She prayed and prophesied over each one of us encouraging us in the Lord. She has such a sweet spirit as she seeks God speaks through her. God used Ruth's hands to pour out His blessing on all of us.

The Easter Joy keeps on giving. Thanks God!

God Bless Your Heart,


The idea for this blog post came from the April 6 devotional in the "God Calling" book by AJ Russell.

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