Sunday, February 7, 2010

Day 38 Light Ahead

Before they call, I will answer; and while they are yet speaking, I will hear. Isaiah 65:24

There are usually several gold nuggets of truth in each of the devotional messages in the "God Calling" book by A.J. Russell. Today was no exception. I could have written several blogs taking off in one direction or another.

This one is about trusting God hears our prayers. It is a rich reminder of the love God has for me and how He desires to answer my prayers.

I realized that the cries of my suffering have pierced the ears of God. The cry from deep in my heart is a trusting cry going right to His Divine Ear.

Life is full of so many things. Some wonderful. Some difficult. When I open my child-like trusting eyes to everything God is doing and the promises He has made to me I find peace.

Even while I'm waiting for an answer to my prayer. Even in the midst of the difficult circumstance. I know that it may only be a few more steps before I see the work He is doing.

As I keep walking – even when my path seems dark because of my difficult circumstances, I hang on to Him – the Light of the World.
What happens next is what is so amazing about my God.

He uses that season of difficulty. He has showed me how when I keep walking with Him He will use me as a light to guide others who may walk that same path.

In my darkest days I never dreamed God would use those times in my mentoring, my writing and my Bible studies to hold the hand of another in need.

He knows the answer to our problem before we even ask. Keep walking. Don't turn from Him. Soon He will show you how your story will bring Him glory and will be the light ahead on someone else's dark path.

Let it be so.

God Bless Your Heart,


The idea for this blog came from the Feb 7 entry in the book "God Calling" published by Barbour Publishing and edited by A.J. Russell. An excellent devotional book full of wonderful blessings from God.

Today I want to bless my sister Marilyn on her birthday. She is indeed a light to others.

Also today we celebrate my great-nephew Quin Tuckman's birthday. He is a nice young man who is a light to the family.

Our good friend Nate Nystrom turns 23 today. He is a fine young man we are blessed to know.

I'm posting my blog early today so I can go get ready for Superbowl Sunday – come on over!

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