Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day 54 Secret of Healing

But unto you that fear my name shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings. Malachi 4:2

The prophet Malachi uses the same description of healing wings that was described in yesterday's devotional from Psalm 91:4. He compares the Savior to a bird whose comforting wings bring healing to the chicks that gather underneath.

I know when I'm gathered under God's covering, I find healing. When I step outside of that covering I'm vulnerable to the enemy.

This is why community of believers is so critical to our Christian growth.

Our body, soul and spirit are healed when we remain in close contact with the Spirit of God and with the fellowship of other believers.

I've lived outside of God's protective umbrella before. It's not a fun place to live. Sin crouches at my door and it's easy to let it have its way when I don't have people to help me be accountable.

This is why I love my home fellowship group. We can share with each other our journey and struggles and through prayer and encouragement we hold one another up through the tough times.

Today's devotional also mentions that sun and air are God's great healing forces providing "inward joy that changes poisoned blood to a pure healthy life-giving flow."

There is joy in the sunshine and the signs of spring. I've been so thankful the past few days for the gorgeous weather we've been experiencing here in the Pacific Northwest. This warm sun is healing to the body, soul and spirit.

Rain is again in the forecast but the warm love of the SON of God is what brings healing that will last for eternity.  No matter what the weather man says.  God's SON always shines.

Go grab yourself some SONshine.

God Bless Your Heart,



The idea for this blog post came from the February 23 devotional from the book titled "God Calling" by AJ Russell.

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