Saturday, February 13, 2010

Prayer Shawl Blessing

I am enjoying some time at my Aunt Nina's house.

She showed me a shawl that a friend knit for her. It covers the shoulders and has a string to close the sleeves at the wrist.

The poem that came with it is beautiful so I thought I'd blog about it today. J Wrap this around your heart.

Prayer Shawl For You

This shawl was created with the color: AQUA. In many cultures it symbolizes courage, balance, harmony, stability, soothing.

In celebration of the love, hopes, and dreams you bring – a gift.

As you wrap yourself in it, may it be a gentle reminder that…
  • You are loved and cherished.
  • You are gifted and giving.
  • You share the riches of life experience
  • You are knit together with the Creator, the one who is with you always and with all those whose lives touch yours.
May this shawl be for you useful…
  • For fun
  • For love
  • For making up
  • For making decisions
  • For comfort
  • For warmth
  • For strengthening
As you wrap yourself…
  • May the Spirit of mercy, faithfulness and compassion wrap you in all-encompassing love, day by day
  • May you find comfort from all that appears too much to bear at this moment
  • May you find comfort from all that feels as if it might be the breaking point
  • May you find comfort from all that seems to threaten your peace of heart
May this prayer shawl be…
  • A shelter for grief
  • A shade in sorrow
  • A shield in loss
May you be held by the presence of those who love and support you and by the strength of what you hold most dear.

May you be strengthened …
  • In your daily comings and goings
  • In your beginnings
  • In your unfolding memories
Blessings be with you.

May love and blessings flow from your life to touch this world anew.

God Bless Your Heart


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