Friday, February 12, 2010

Day 42 The Difficult Path

Wait on the Lord, and keep his way. Psalm 37:34

Have you ever wanted something badly but had to wait for it? It can be very difficult.

Maybe you are waiting on a promotion. Maybe you're waiting for a relationship to change. Perhaps there is a prodigal child in your life and you are waiting for them to come home. Could it be you are waiting for an apology from someone who has hurt you? Are you in transition and the waiting is making you wonder what the future holds? Are you waiting for healing?

This path of life is difficult sometimes. Waiting for things to improve can be the most challenging.

I'm in a season of transition in my life as a wife and mother. We've done a lot of waiting in our lives. We waited for our wedding. We waited for our babies to be born. Waiting for kindergarten, junior high, high school and college were all transitions we waited through. Our oldest son, Zane, was married this summer. Our youngest son, Gabe, is in college. So now it's just me and Steve.

As we work through this next season of our life we are waiting on the Lord's direction for where to take our nonprofit organization – Gabriel's Foundation of HOPE. We are asking for His help as we work through this season.

I'm confident He will give us direction.

Sometimes when we try to move forward without God's clear direction we end up on a detour that takes longer than the road God would have showed us if we had only waited.

My prayer for you is that you will seek God's will as you wait. Please wait and trust.

God Bless Your Heart,


The idea for this blog post comes from the February 11 entry in God Calling by A.J. Russell.

PS I'm enjoying a little retreat at my son Zane and daughter-in-love Kelsey's house. I'm posting this blog a day late since I was having much fun last night with my aunt Nina at a mystery dinner theater. We had a great time but got home late. I crashed in bed after eating that way too yummy chocolate chocolate cake. So much for watching my sugar!

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