Friday, January 15, 2010

Day 15 Relax

"Jesus came and spoke to them, saying, all power is given unto me in heaven and in earth." Matthew 28:18

This world is ever changing isn't it? The busy fast paced life can be scary some times. Why do we forget the power of Christ? Has fear or busyness stolen your peace?

Have you ever wondered what would happen if we used the power of Christ every day of our lives? I think we'd relax! I know we'd have peace.

Have NO fear. Don't despair. Change is good when God's in charge of our lives.

Remember that God never changes. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. He's got it covered when everything around us is changing.

Have you ever wondered why you are so busy? Is it perhaps because of fear?

I remember when our son Zane had surgery on his thyroid. He was only fifteen months old. It was scary. I stayed busy at work so I didn't have to deal with my fear as we approached the surgery. Thankfully everything turned out okay but I took no time to relax!

The same thing happened when Gabe was born. Our world was turned upside down and I was afraid of the future. So for a little while I buried myself in work. Steve did too. It was an easy escape in an attempt to make our uncertain times go away. But the reality was that my busyness didn't make it go away. It simply buried it only to resurface again.

In another season of my life that was particularly difficult, my mom was not doing well and I was arranging doctor appointments for her while trying to work full time and take care of our boys. At the same time Gabe needed surgery to repair his deformed ear canal. My sister was struggling and I was trying to get her some help. In the frenzy of trying to stay on top of it all I kept fear at bay by staying busy. Once again I buried my fear in a pile of paperwork.

I heard a great quote the other day by Joyce Meyer related to being busy. Joyce created a meaning for each letter in the word B-U-S-Y. Buried Under Satan's Yoke. That is where I was. I was living under a yoke of bondage.

Then one day a friend took my hand and placed it in the hand of Jesus and I gave him my busyness and my fear! I learned how much easier it was to live under God's power. I started to relax and enjoy life. Peace returned and life was good.

The next time you find yourself feeling too busy, or too afraid I hope you will take some time to relax and let the peace of God wash over you. Give him your burden's and receive His power!

God Bless Your Heart
Gigi Murfitt

The idea for this blog post came from the January 15th entry in the God Calling devotional by A. J. Russell published by Barbour Publishing.

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