Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day 7 The Secret Pearl

"Be still and know that I am God." Psalm 46:10

Be still and wait. That's what I've been hearing over and again these past few months. I sense there are wonders in my life unfolding while I wait and ask God for wisdom. I'm waiting and praying about several things. Which book should I make my priority? Should I take another writing class? Am I supposed to go to the writer's conference in February? How can Steve and I celebrate our twenty-fifth wedding anniversary in June? Should I facilitate the Bible study that has been on my heart? I don't understand what is going on in our nation, Lord. What can I do to help?

In my time spent with God, He speaks in the silence. Not in an audible voice – but a knowing in my heart. A sense of peace calms my anxious heart over an issue or idea I'm waiting about. I have confidence that as I listen and wait, He will give me wisdom to do what is right. In those quiet moments, God sometimes drops a thought into my heart. I meditate on it and ask if I should share the thought with someone else. I record these thoughts and prayers in my journal.

When I share it in a conversation, an email or a card, I pray a similar prayer to the one spoken in this devotional for today in the "God Calling" book. I pray Lord, let each word or thought be like a pearl that I can drop into the secret place of that person's heart. I pray that in some hour of need the recipient finds the treasure and for the first time realizes its value. (P17 God Calling)

It is so cool when I watch God work that way. I might get a note or an email from the recipient telling me the message was exactly what they needed at that moment.

I was talking to my niece Meghan Goodheart Bailey today. She called to chat about a Bible study she would like to facilitate. Several months ago in a quiet moment with God, she sensed that she was supposed to help the women in her church work through a study of God's Word. She waited. She studied. She talked to the director of women's ministry. God confirmed by sending another woman to encourage her decision.

After much prayer and research she is ready to share what God has put on her heart. I have a feeling that the study she facilitates will be that pearl God drops in the secret place of one of those women. In a time of great need, she will find a treasure. God will reveal its value. A life will be changed. Thanks Meghan – I'm really proud of your courage to step into a new place of leadership. Remember that the Holy Spirit will equip you with everything you need. Spend time in that quiet place and listen. Be still and know that He is God.

God Bless Your Heart.

Gigi Murfitt

(The idea for this blog post came from the book titled God Calling compiled by A. J. Russell, January 7. This book is published by Barbour Publishing.)

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