Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Year in God's Hands - A Journal of my Journey

Happy New Year 2010!

I'm excited to share my plan for this blog in the new year. I hope you'll join me in the journey I'm about to begin.

I've kept a journal since I was sixteen years old. I have stacks of them. There are years I kept my notes on a calendar or in a spiral notebook. Other years I wrote in an English composition notebook - those are my favorite - they are sturdy and cheap. I'm often given beautiful journals as a gift. I wish I could say I have a journal that covers every day of every year but I don't.

Some years I was not living a life worth journaling about. Other years I took the time to write each day but those journals were lost in a move. But the memories are still there so I occasionally go back in my mind and heart and recreate a lost journal time.

I see God's hand all over my life - even in the years I'd rather not write about. He was there. He always is. I simply needed to open my eyes and see His hand reaching out to me.

I bought myself a cool journal to keep my daily notes for 2010. It is a beautifully leather bound gold journal with the title "God Calling" and it was compiled and published by A.J. Russell in 1952. The daily musings were written in 1932 by two women who wish to remain anonymous. During a difficult time in their lives wracked with loneliness, sickness and poverty, God called.

He spoke to them as they sat quietly and prayed each day. He reminded them that He was with them always. The encounters filled them with courage and joy - even in the midst of their struggles. He inspired them with the promises of the future. He gave them hope.

God can do that! He has proven to me over and over that He will never leave me or forsake me. Day by day I'm reminded as I read the Bible and write in my journal -- he knows my pain and my path. He sends people into my life to encourage me along the way. And when I choose to ignore His direction, He stays close and is there to catch my tears.

My journals are full of wonderful times and difficult seasons of my life - but the one thing that is constant is God's hand reached out to show me the way. It's a matter of whether I chose to grab it or go my own way.

I've decided to blog my way through this "God Calling" journal. As a writer it challenges me to write every day and share it with my readers. As a devoted journal keeper it provides me a new way to track my journey. I can't wait!

My hope is to encourage you - my blog follower - as I share my responses to each day's message out of this "God Calling" book. These two anonymous women penned this book long before I was born. But the cool thing is how much it applies to 2010 or any year for that matter.

God's message is for yesterday, today, tomorrow and always. His Word is sharper than a double edged sword. It is alive and living and applies to our every day struggles.

So join me in 2010 as I work my way through "God Calling". I hope to encourage you along the way. Feel free to interact and leave comments. I hope you will share my blog with loved ones so where two or more are gathered we'll all hear what God wants to speak to us. If you wish to purchase your own copy of this beautiful book it is available in different formats. I purchased this golden journal from the bookstore at my church and I also found it at

I hear His call -- I best get going and start on day 1 of the journal of my journey through "God Calling". God Bless Your Heart!

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